On-Site Workplace Training

$65/per Min 5

Travel fee may apply

On-Site Active Shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness Training for Businesses, Churches & Organizations. This course is meant for the general public and private organizations. 

An Active Shooter Situation Lasts On Average 10-15 Minutes. Would you know what to do? Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation before law enforcement arrives. What recent events have shown is the necessity to educate and empower individual with the tools and knowledge to survive an intentional mass casualty event as well as contribute to a victim’s survival. What you do in those first few moments has the greatest impact on the survival of yourself and those around you. Learn how to:

  • Spot warning signs of workplace violence
  • Respond to an active shooter situation using RUN, HIDE, FIGHT
  • Provide life-saving care to yourself or injured victims including life threatening bleeding
  • Build a plan for workplace, organization or family

Each participant receives a SWAT-T™ Multi-Function Trauma Care Device after completion of the class. Learn more about the device here.  

What if I don’t have enough participants to meet the minimum student requirement?

That’s okay. You will just be charged the same amount as it would cost for the minimum student level. Since SMRT is priced very competitively we feel SMRT Indiana will still be a great value. 

Do new certification and renewals need to have separate classes?

No. Our mission is to train your team to work as a team. Real life situations will always have responders having varying levels of experience. We teach our clients how to work as a unit and play to everyone’s strengths.

Are you able to tailor the training to our unique setting and needs?

Yes. We present site-specific medical response scenarios that promote a team response concept in your practice environment.

What are your instructors like?

Our helpful and friendly instructors provide an engaging and hands-on training solution everyone will enjoy. Each instructor has real life experience on the topics they are teaching but are able to translate this in a relaxed environment. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your experience will exceed your expectations. 

Are there additional fees for traveling to my location?

Maybe. We service all of Indiana and some surrounding areas. If your location is outside of Marion County you may be charged an additional $100 travel fee due to the additional cost and time required.