5 Reasons Your Company Should Have an AED

A heart attack can happen to anyone, at any time. Having an automated external defibrillator (AED) on hand can save the life of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Here are five reasons your company should have an AED:

1. Sudden cardiac arrest is exactly that— sudden. It is almost always fatal without lifesaving treatment from an AED.

2. An AED is used to restore a normal heartbeat to a cardiac arrest victim. It delivers the same treatment as defibrillators used by EMS and other health professionals.

3. The chance of an AED successfully restarting the heart diminishes by 7-10% with each passing minute. A readily accessible AED in your building gives your victim the best chance for survival.

4. Training is recommended, but not requiredAnybody can use an AED (including children). Turn it on. It talks to you and the voice prompts direct you. Easy.

5. Like a fire extinguisher, easy access to an AED is vital when you need it.Many businesses have them, and so should yours!