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Preparing those already there. The Industrial First Responder™ Certification prepares participants for critical and life-threatening emergencies unique to the industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments. The IFR Certification bridges the gap between basic first aid and the increased risks faced in the modern industrial workplace. 

  • Prepares participants for more critical and life-threatening emergencies seen in the industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments.
  • Creates a team approach to an emergency response which helps develop ownership, leadership skills and a culture of safety.
  • Over 70% of training is hands-on with scenario-based practice.
  • Instructors comprised of Paramedics and Nurses who have real life emergency care experience.
  • Innovative training system and equipment for the most effective instruction.
  • Practice scenarios run in conjunction with your emergency drills for a more true-to-life experience.


The Industrial First Responder is a 16-hr certification course which broken down into 60-90-minute training modules. The entire training is completed over a span of time that fits your scheduling needs. Participants must have CPR/AED & First Aid Training within the past two years. SMRT Indiana also CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Training separately or as part of the Industrial First Responder package.

Core Training Modules

Required training modules for course completion:

  • Emergency Assessment
  • CPR/AED Fast Response
  • Moderate to Severe Bleeding & Burns
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Falls & Backboard Immobilization
  • Evacuation of Ill/Injured
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Emergency Scenario x 2

Add-On Modules

Participants must complete an additional 2-3 add-on modules for course completion:

  • Mass Casualty Response
  • Drug Overdose and Mental Crisis
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Leadership Under Stress
  • Electrical Injuries
  • Remote Workplace (Includes environmental emergencies)
  • MOHAWK Emergency Response Planning