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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some common questions that come up about Full Sail University. If you’re looking for information that you can’t find here, please contact us.



Do I need to purchase a textbook?
American Heart Association states "each student must have the current appropriate course textbook readily available for use before, during, and after the course." The textbook is not included in the class price and the student is responsible for purchasing or gaining access. Students may reuse their textbooks during renewals or updates until new science guidelines are published.

How do I purchase a course textbook?
If you need to purchase a book, students can purchase when registering for the class, purchase separately through SMRT Indiana's online store or purchase from another vendor.  

My employer will not allow me to work until I provide a copy of a current American Heart Association certification. Can you help?
We have a couple of solutions for you. You can take the classroom portion online and complete a skills checkoff at our location in Plainfield, IN. To learn more click here

Can I "Challenge" my ACLS or PALS training?
No. With the new PAM or Program Administration Manual release, the AHA no longer allows students to challenge a course. If you find a training location that offers this as an option it may not be an accepted certification. 

Do you cancel classes due to low registration?
No. We understand that when you register for your class you expect your certification needs to be met. 

I missed my scheduled course. Can I reschedule?
Yes. Call us at 317-837-4973 and you can reschedule for another date. However, there are some limitations so we recommend you visiting our Terms & Conditions page or contact us. 

Where can I purchase course materials or required books?
It is important that you have access to the most up to date course material before, during and after your class. SMRT Indiana sells books for your convenience.  Shipping & handling is included in the price. You can purchase materials here or you will be given the option to add-on books when signing up for a class.

Will I receive CEU's for taking  BLS, ACLS, or PALS courses?
Continuing education credit are offered for multiple professions if the course is taken online but not if taken in the traditional instructor lead format. One exception is for EMS professionals who may use instructor lead courses towards continuing education. 

Do you offer free CPR classes?
No. Most CPR classes that are offered at no-cost do not include a certification that is accepted by regulatory bodies such as for Indiana Teacher Licensure, Childcare Accreditation, OSHA or Healthcare Organization.

Has the American Heart Association changed it's certification card design?
Yes. To usher the new 2015 recommendations the AHA has updated its design of its certification cards. The new cards are being released as the new material for classes is also made available. First will be the BLS CPR (aka Healthcare Provider) and Heartsaver cards followed up with ACLS and then PALS. 

I signed up for a class via the American Heart website. Does this guarantee my place in class?
No. You may reserve a seat but does not guarantee you a place in class. Priority is given to students who have paid. 

Are there any travel fees associated with traveling to my location for an on-site class?

We service all of Indiana and some surrounding areas. There may be a $100 travel fee applied to any location outside of the following list of county's due to the additional cost and time required: Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan, & Shelby.


How do I determine which type of CPR course I should take?
The BLS Provider course is designed for healthcare professionals or students in healthcare fields. Heartsaver CPR courses are designed for non-healthcare professionals or lay rescuers such as teachers, childcare professionals, caretakers or those requiring CPR training for non-healthcare related fields. If you are not sure which course is right for you simply call us at 317-837-4953 or send us a message. 

I'm an Indiana teacher, which CPR course should I take?
You should take the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED course, which includes all the necessary topics for Indiana state licensure.


Do you offer AHA training online?
American Heart Association offers provides you the ability to take the class portion of your certification course online but you are still required to perform a hands-on skills check-off to complete the course and receive your certification. Be mindful of websites that claim 100% online as these are not legitimate AHA courses. To learn more about our online course options click here

Do you offer skills check offs if I have taken the online portion of my American Heart Association course?
Yes. Please call us at 317-837-4953 to schedule a skills check-off. There is a cost associated with skills checkoff. You can check pricing here as well as other important information.

Do I need to purchase a book for my online class?
No. All materials needed for completion of your online course are made available during the online portion of the class. You will have access to these material for one year.

Is taking my AHA certification training online legit or a scam?
It's the real deal but keep in mind all AHA Certification Courses require a hands-on skills check-off. There are a lot of imitators out there. They may offer you training but it may not end in you getting an actual AHA certification. This means it won't meet the requirements you employer requires.


How do I confirm or verify an eCard?
Visit our eCard instruction page here to learn how to claim your eCard or verify an employee's eCard.

When will I receive my certification?
In most cases you will receive your eCard the same day as the class via email if the class is completed within normal business hours or by the next business day if not. Some limitations may apply. Please see our Terms & Condtions if you have any questions.

I haven't received an email for my eCard yet.
Be sure to check your spam or junk folder. If your class was held on the weekend or evening the ecard will be emailed within 24 hours of the next business day. If for some reason you still have not received please contact us at 317-837-4953 or email

I have lost/misplaced my AHA card. How do I get a replacement?
If you took your class through SMRT Indiana before January 1, 2018 you may purchase a replacement card here. After this date American Heart Association moved to eCards. You can access your card by logging into your AHA account. 

Onsite Classes

What if I don’t have enough participants to meet the minimum student requirement?
That’s okay. You will just be charged the same amount as it would cost for the minimum student level. Since SMRT is priced very competitively we feel SMRT Indiana will still be a great value. 

Do new certification and renewals need to have separate classes?
No. Our mission is to train your team to work as a team. Real life situations will always have responders having varying levels of experience. We teach our clients how to work as a unit and play to everyone’s strengths.

Are you able to tailor the training to our unique setting and needs?
Yes. We present site-specific medical response scenarios that promote a team response concept in your practice environment.

What are your instructors like?
Our helpful and friendly instructors provide an engaging and hands-on training solution everyone will enjoy. Each instructor has real life experience on the topics they are teaching but are able to translate this in a relaxed environment. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your experience will exceed your expectations. 

Are there additional fees for traveling to my location?
Maybe. We service all of Indiana and some surrounding areas. If your location is outside of Marion County you may be charged an additional $100 travel fee due to the additional cost and time required.

Do I still have to pay for participants who cancel?
We know things can change so organizers can change the number of participants up to 24 hours before the class. After 24 hours you will be responsible for the cost of the expected number. The minimum number of students or equal dollar amount will still apply.


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